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Accurate Television Listings

Client Specific Layouts

Flexible Release Dates

Digital and Print Medium

National Typesetting Services is proud to provide television listings to Australia’s regional newspapers. Our flexible and accommodating approach ensures our clients get the best service at the best rate.

We are Australia’s only typesetting service provider that specialises in a broad range of customised typesetting services. Our high quality, formatted and well-customised typesetting services include TV guides for regional newspapers, TV listings, desktop publishing, cinema listings, bus schedules, racing schedules, ebooks, horoscopes and independent TV guides.

What is typesetting?

The word “typesetting” conjures up old-worlde images of ink-stained fingers and printing presses. These days, typesetting is a digital process in which text and images are arranged ready for printing – in a physical or digital sense. Think print-ready PDFs for digital downloads; data management and formatting; stunning layouts that leap off the page; formatted information in tables and columns such as tv guides and timetables.